January 28, 2019

Two women are murdered within the Claypool Hotel located in downtown Indianapolis. Both were staying alone in the big city and abducted 11 years apart. One would become known as the "dresser drawer murder" and the other remains unsolved. 

References: Historic Indianapol...

January 28, 2019

A young Eric loves and trusts his mother as most kids would, but he knows their family would be much happier with his abusive father out of the picture. Neither he nor his younger brother realize the power that their mother has over them until it is too late. 


January 10, 2019

1996, three bodies are discovered in a truck on a rural county road riddled with bullets. Just how many suspects own the type of rifle in question? was there really a motive? and can one eyewitness be enough evidence to sentence a man to death? 

References: truecrimedis...

January 10, 2019

A single doctor might look very good on his online dating profile, but that doesn't mean he won't plan the murder of he ex-wife in 2014 while on vacation with his current girlfriend. 

References: ABC News, Indianapolis Monthly, 20/20 

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Indianapolis, IN

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