August 31, 2019

A young couple parks their car on a back-road lovers’ lane outside of Vincennes, Indiana in 1974. No one could predict what would happen next or how long it would take to solve the case.

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August 31, 2019

In the late 1980’s, the third wife of a well-to-do business man in Greenfield, IN has decided that she can’t divorce her older husband to be with her younger karate instructor/boyfriend because she would get nothing in the divorce settlement. However, in the event of h...

August 2, 2019

They are arch fiends, feminine bluebeards, guilty wretches, rotten to the core, and murderesses! We discuss three killer women: Clara Green Carl, Lottie Lockman, and Inez Brennan 

References: Wikipedia,,, and Indy Star


August 1, 2019

How easy is it to commit felony murder? Do you have to be the one to pull the trigger? Or is it simply enough to be in the room, as in the case with the Elkhart Four.

References:, ABC News,, Indy Star,, and Dr. Phil Show


August 1, 2019

For 13-year-old Charlie Brandt, his killing spree ended as quickly as it started in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the early 1970’s. His family would never speak of the tragedy again, until decades later when it became clear that Charlie was still terrifyingly heartless.  


August 1, 2019

A man in Pierceton, Indiana is scammed by a Vermont teenager over a radio deal in 1998. The revenge he seeks would turn out to be federally offensive.

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